Closing Service

Mary Jayne, our Director of Management and Operations, methodically reviewed my Close of Service (COS) check list: Description of Service? – check. Language Proficiency Exam? – check. Final medical exams? – check. Paid your final month’s rent? No outstanding bills? Bank account closed? – check. check. check. Last thing to do, she said, was to … More Closing Service


We sat in a restaurant booth and as per usual, I chatted away. “Something that freaks me out is how common sickness and death will I’m sure be,” I rambled, eyes cast down. “We’re lucky here. Mozambique has crazy high rates of malaria and HIV. People die of diarrhea over there. It’s not like America, … More Molting


I stand ankle deep in chilly water, toes squishing and heels sinking into the dark, sandy mud at the ledge of the retaining wall. I stare above me – straight up – at the cascading falls towering into heaven. I close my eyes and breathe in deeply. I inhale sweetness of moist, earthy, soil. I … More Gurué

Mount Namuli

We stood in the front yard of the Queen’s home at the base of Mount Namuli laughing at each other. The three-hour long adventure through the lush, green, back country dirt roads of Gúrùe district had left us covered head to toe in dirt. A little unsure of what would come next, we took in … More Mount Namuli

The One Year Mark

September 1st marked my one-year anniversary in Mozambique, a proud moment for me. One full year of living in a culture entirely different from my own, one full year of redefining my limits and boundaries, one year of speaking, learning, and understanding Portuguese, of making new friends and learning about what it takes to make … More The One Year Mark


April 14th marked the end of our first trimester here in Moz and it feels like a really big accomplishment. It was challenging and I made tons of errors but I also learned so much and undoubtedly feel more prepared to take on the second trimester. During our week off, all of the Moz 27 … More Reconnecting

Settling, Happily

I’ve been at site for over four months now and little by little, almost imperceptibly, things have been settling into place. Although my peace corps journey will be a continuous process of change and adjustment, daily life is no longer as friction-full as it used to be and damn, does it feel good. Last Saturday, … More Settling, Happily