Let the Journey Begin

Getting to Trieste was quite the trip. I started it by spending an hour hanging out with the most adorable old Austrian man in JFK who told me all about his life and passed down words of wisdom about being a good person and trusting people. Then I befriended the guy next to me on the plane and we talked a lot about life but then he wouldn’t let me sleep which got so annoying. The flight to Zagreb got delayed but I ended up catching the bus to Rijeka without a problem and luckily got a really nice cab driver to take me to Trieste.

By that time I was thoroughly exhausted but after taking a quick shower at the hostel, took a walk around for a couple of hours at the perfect time – the sun was just starting to set over the Lungomare or the Sea Promenade which is basically just a strip by the water and a big pier. It was by far the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen! The town itself was very pretty – touristy but slow moving and surrounded by water.

I grabbed some breakfast in the morning and grabbed an 8 am train to Venice. The ride itself was cool – we passed so many wonderful little towns and vineyards. I was overwhelmed when I first arrived in Venice but I quickly got my bearings and stumbled upon my little hostel – Hotel Casa Linger. It’s a sweet little place and I met this guy Galvin from Scotland. We proceeded to get some Italian pizza and spent the rest of the day exploring gorgeous Venice. He told me at one point that he liked wandering around with me because I get excited about everything (haha) and its true – I felt like a little kid in a candy shop. The architecture and the canals were absolutely breathtaking. We walked through churches and managed to see a lot of Venice over the course of the day!


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