Happy 4th! Cinque Terre a Firenze

Yesterday was an adventure all in itself. I woke up around 8 and got some free breakfast from the hostel with Hannah and Marium before quickly setting off for the hike from Levanto to Monteresso. The 3 hour hike was absolutely stunning but definitely not easy – im so glad I decided to change out of my sundress and sandals into work out clothes and sneakers because it was a challenge. The gorgeous views along the way of the Mediterranean Sea bordered by huge cliffs and mountains made it worth all the while.

We got to Monteresso only to find out that that was the only hike open at the time which meant that we wouldnt be able to do the prettiest hikes like the via del amore. Instead, we took the train from town to town and enjoyed the beautiful pastel buildings each town had to offer. There were plenty of gorgeous areas to swim – lagoons between the cliffs with crystal clear water but swimming meant sacrificing personal space – you couldnt move without touching another tourist – so we stayed on land. We got a yummy lunch of foccacia sandwiches in Manorola and made our way back to our backpacks in Levanto around 5 30 and grabbed some dinner. I had green gnochi in a medinterranean tomato sauce and it was SO GOOD.

I suppose we lingered a bit too long at dinner because after realizing the time, we had to sprint, and I mean sprint, to catch the train. Picture three 20 something girls with huge backpacks running through a little picturesque Italian town where old men sit on one bench smoking while old women sit on the opposite gossiping about the day. We made it just in time to realize the train was late anyway and spent the rest of the trainride to our first stop in Pisa cracking up and talking about the well spent day. Because our train was late, what was supossed to be a 20 minute layover turned into a 1 minute layover so we had to sprint once again to catch the train to Firenze. We literally just caught it before it was about to take off (WOOOOO) and were on the way to Florence. We congratulated each other on the train and all decided we deserved a beer after the long day so backpacks in tow, found a little Irish pub in the area of the Duomo (which i caught a quick glimpse of and is absolutely unbelievable). The pub, run by two hilarious Italian bartender, played the national anthem and had waved an American Flag and so, I managed to celebrate the 4th in Florence. After a well deserved break, we made our way back to our respective hostels for the best shower of my life and to finally get some sleep. So excited to explore Florence!



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