Florence to the Amalfi Coast

Yesterday I got up early to see the Mercato Centrale. Al, if you’re reading this, every single time I’m in a market of any sort I wish more than anything you were there with me. This one was our heaven. Fresh breads and cheeses, the ripest fruit, cookies and cakes that look like they’d melt right in your mouth, the list goes on.

I caught the 11 04 train to Salerno (which I booked because a train conductor sucked and told me to go there instead of Naples which means that I passed sorrento and had to make my way back) and then had to take a bus to amalfi and another bus from there to sorrento. While I was pretty annoyed at the bad directions, it ended up being so worth it because the bus rides went all along the entire amalfi coast. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful in my life. Just when i fall in love with one place, the next place seems to outdo it. This coastline with its dramatic peaks and drops, sea that never ends and quaint little villages filled with pastel painted houses and easygoing tourists is absolutely breathtaking.

My hostel was impossible to find but a really sweet woman walked me there when I asked for directions (I must have really nailed the kicked puppy look by now because so many people have generously gone out of their way to help me). When I finally got there, I was soooo unbelievably relieved to see how nice it was! It’s this adorable little place with lemon trees and a pool and cobblestones and a pizza night and a BBQ night. The girls in my room were really cool – 2 are from Australia and one from Cali. The one from Cali invited me to do the walk of the gods with her and some other girls (a hike down the entire amalfi coast) and while that’s something I normally would never turn down its been a long week and I’ve just done so much walking that I needed a few days of R&R. Instead, I decided to join the Aussies on a tour trip to Capri.

The trip ended up being absolutely amazing. Capri is just one of those places that when you look around, you just can’t believe you’re really there. It looked like it was right off a screen saver. We left at about 9 and eight of us took a boat ride around the island. I got pretty seasick but I knew while I was swimming in the crystal clear water that there was no question over whether or not it was worth it. We got off the boat to explore the island for three hours and eat the caprese sandwich that was provided for lunch. The three hours went by quickly as the Aussies and I explored all the classy high end shops, got the most delicious cannolis I’ve ever had, and took pretty pictures of the coast.

We got back on the boat with all but two of our fellow passengers at about 3 30 and continued to your the rest of the island before making our way back. For dinner I had this unreal pizza from a hole in the wall place (daddy you would have been proud at how I followed my tummy). It had buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, olive oil and basil and I ate the whole thing. Tomorrow I’m thinking about going to Pompeii for a little while to see all of that history and then ill give Sorrento a chance. I’ve heard it’s mostly little restaurants and shops and its a pretty busy city but well see how it goes! For now, there’s laundry to be done!



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