Pamplona to Barcelona for a Sweet, Sweet Reunion

I had a couple of hours to kill between checking out in Pamplona and my train’s departure to Barcelona so I found a little cafe and park near the train station to hang out in. I thought I’d get bored but it was a really wonderful time for reflecting of the trip so far. I also got in some good reading and writing so I was grateful for the downtime.

The train to Barcelona was fine and I easily found my hostel, Sant Jordi Alberg – one that Kenny recommended. The hostel was so great. It was the first real hostel I stayed in, equipped with a kitchen and a common area. As soon as I walked in, people in the common area watching shrek invited me to join. I did that for a bit and then everyone ate together and played kings before the bar crawl. I went to the first bar of the bar crawl but it was hot and crowded and I was tired so I headed back for some sleep.

The next morning, I checked out and explored Las Ramblas (this huge main strip in barca with tons of shops and lots to see), the Sant Josep market which was huge and unbelievable, full of every kind of fresh food you can imagine. I went down to the port to read for a little before meeting Mary Francis and Caitlin in the train station. That reunion was the best ever – I felt like someone out of a romantic movie running through fields of flowers when I saw them. It was amazing to see familiar faces and to feel totally comfortable. I love traveling on my own but it’s so nice to be with people who just really know you, who you don’t have to maintain any pretenses for.

We went up to Mount Montjuic for the beautiful view of Barcelona and then headed over to the beach which was crowded but great. We had dinner reservations at 9 with Caitlin’s parents so we made our way up this huge mountain to the La Gran Florida Hotel – look it up because words can’t even do it justice. The hotel was absolutely unbelievable. Like the most beautiful bathroom and beds, a view overlooking all of Barcelona, an infinity pool, a spa.. The list goes on. And this girl hasn’t seen a real bed or shower in ages so I almost cried haha. The dinner we had was amazing and her mom and George were two of the sweetest, most generous people I’ve ever met.

We went back to our rooms to change and then all went out to a club called Razzmatazz which ended up being so much fun. We got there at midnight and it was basically empty so we almost left but unbeknownst to us, the Spanish start partying around 2 am and the night ended up being incredible! It was so wonderful to party with people I loved and could trust in such a beautiful place!


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