I think Barcelona might be my favorite city so far, including all the cities I saw on my first euro trip. It’s the most wonderful mix of beautiful, quaint and big city. Our night at Razzmatazz was so much fun and we all woke up eager for a free and 5 star breakfast. Caitlin lost her phone in the cab the night before so we called a bunch of cab companies without any luck then hit the pool and the hot tub for a little bit of recovery.

We joined Caitlin’s mom and George to see the Sagrada Familia – the famous cathedral designed by Gaudi that has been under construction for hundreds of years. I was excited to do something touristy but I didn’t know much about it. I definitely didn’t expect to be blown away the way I was – I’ve seen plenty of churches and they’re all pretty similar. The Sagrada Familia however was completely unique. Gaudi’s vision is absolutely unbelievable and the colors and designs took my breath away. After the church, Carol and George took us all to a restaurant in a building Gaudi designed (fancy fancy) for literally one of the best meals I’ve ever had. After the long lunch was over, we all went to go see the Park Guell or the Gaudi Park which is something that seems like its right out of Candyland. The views and designs were so amazing and his vision for the park, like the church, was completely unique. We got a chance to go inside his home which was a cool experience since he designed everything from the ceiling and floor to the furniture. I forgot to mention in my last post that our friend Morgan, who had been with Caitlin in Rwanda, was also with us for the trip.

The four of us were all in awe of all the beautiful works wed seen that day but were also exhausted from all the walking and our big night. We ditched the plans to go out for dinner and drinks and instead ordered room service (to die for) and watches Tangled in bed and that was perfect. Then we all dragged ourselves out of bed and got ready, met a big group of people we knew from UNC and Mary’s program in France that were also in barca at a little bar and tried to go to the club Opium in Barceloneta on the beach. Mary couldn’t get in because she wore flip flops and apparently there’s a rule against that so we just hung out on the beach and roamed around. My flight this morning leaves at 7 45 and saying goodbye to those girls and the luxurious lifestyle is so hard to do!


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