Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia was every kind of interesting and entertaining. To say I had a blast would be an understatement. Originally, I had booked my flight to Hvar thinking it would be a relaxing couple of day post barcelona and pre city hopping with the family. When I started looking for places to stay, I found that everything had already been booked. This seemed a little weird considering I was looking into booking a hostel over a month in advance. I e-mailed a place that Kenny had recommended to me and lo and behold, discovered that I had booked my flight the weekend that Ultra Music Festival was coming to town. While I knew that I wasnt going to buy tickets I figured Id be in for at least a night full of parties. What I didnt know is that Hvar is always, Ultra or not, a party island and the parties dont stop till 8 am.

I caught my 7 something am flight from Barcelona to Split on time and collected my bags. I wasnt sure what my next step should be so I asked two guys who looked about my age if they were headed to Hvar. They turned out to be Aussies from Sydney who were going in my direction so we teamed up, figured the ferry out, got lunch together and got to know each other. We ended up getting along extremely well and all had a ton in common so we exchanged fbook info and agreed to meet up later to go out.

I found my hostel, Lukas Lodge, which was up a hike of stairs in someones house converted to a hostel type thing with about 50 other people. After hitting a pretty little beach for some nap time, I returned to the room I shared with a Brazilian girl who invited me out with her friends for dinner and drinks. I joined them but left early because they all naturally spoke Portuguese with one another and felt obligated to translate and keep me in the loop which got a little awkward. While they were so so sweet and wonderful, I think I made a good decision to head back to my hostel after we tried unsuccessfully to get into Ultra (which seemed awesome). When I got back to my hostel, the Aussie guys called me up and I joined them for a night of cheap wine on the pier and bar hopping which ended up being so much more fun than I could have expected.

The next day, I had to switch hostels and moved into one that was more conducive to meeting people. I got food from a market with a Brazilian I had just met and ended up eating with the rowdiest group of people Ive ever met in my life. This group of three Brazilians, three people from London and one Aussie demanded that we came over to eat with them, asked us a ton of questions and then decided that I, because I was a lone female traveller, would be their el capitan, or whistle lady. Rules were that they gave me a whistle that would serve as a means of power. One whistle meant freeze, two meant back to normal, three meant slow mo and four meant do the harlem shake. Wherever and whenever. There was a whistle lady induction ceremony complete with a whistle lady induction song. After booking my ferry for the next day and spending some time at the beach, i met up with this group at the Hula Hula bar who, upon discovering me, literally, and i mean literally, threw me up in the air and caught me, put me on their shoulders and paraded me around, chanted Brazil chants, painted every one Brazil colors, and secured free drinks from not only the managers but from all the people around us as well. I will never ever forget those couple of hours. I used the power of the whistle and literally could not stop laughing. I also got proposed to with a ring made of napkins…very romantic and adorable. I headed back to the hostel for a free BBQ and went out on the hostel bar crawl to the Kiva bar but headed back since I was feeling a bit run down.

The next day, I caught the ferry back to Split with a few Scottish girls from my hostel and met these really cool women from Florida who were nurses and wives back home but sort of just have these secret lives where they party around the world and go to as many EDM festivals they can find. They ended up inviting me out for drinks and fixed up some of my blisters which was a pretty great deal. I ended up just spending my night in Split in bed since I was feeling pretty sick and successfully made my 6 15 am flight to meet the family in Zagreb!


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