How to do Australia Day in Sydney

Australia Day, celebrated annually on January 26, marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the British Ships in New South Wales. Today, it is a celebration of the diversity, community and history of Australia and Aussie culture. Do your best to honor this beautiful country of fantastic accents, beaches and beers, get out and celebrate!

1. Pre-Australia Day, find an Aussie friend with a back yard or a rooftop or one who knows another Aussie with a back yard or a rooftop. Pick up a hot Aussie at the bar…options abound. Basically, get yourself invited to a BBQ so you can get hammered in the name of ‘Straya with the locals. Preferably, find the guy that invited me to his friend’s BBQ where they have the world’s longest slip-n-slide.

2. The day before, stock up on boxed wine, or what the locals affectionately call goon (read that article), and beers.

3. Wake up on Australia Day and fill up your would-be-coffee mug with goon instead. Get it started the right way.


4. Deck yourself out in all things Australian flag.

5. Get yourself to that BBQ and enjoy sausages, prawns, meat pies, pavlova and other traditional Aussie cook out food. This year, put down your BBQ tools and join Aussies nationwide in singing their national anthem, Advance Australia Fair, in unison at noon. This is part of the goal to plan the most “ambitious Australia Day” yet, according to Australia Day Council of New Sout Wales chairman Angelos Frangopoulos.


6. Feel like floating around on a giant neon Haviana flip-flop (or thong)? If that’s not enticing enough, you can float around on a giant neon Haviana while breaking a world record. Make your way over to Bondi Beach in the morning and join in on the Haviana Thong Challenge (make sure you pre-register online) and help Sydneysiders in a world record attempt for the largest number of giant inflatable Havianas out on the ocean.

7. Afterwards, treat yourself to a drink or 7 at one of Bondi’s many bars including The Bucket List, Icebergs or the Beach Road Hotel. Get there on the earlier side and day drink so you have a place to hang out.

8. Listen to free music all day long at The Rocks. Annual festivities bring in awesome acts for the entire day. The main stage can be found at Dawes Point Park, overlooking the Sydney Harbour. More alternative bands can be found in the First Fleet Park.

9. Watch the ferries do something other than ferry people around Sydney. On Australia Day only, they race each other from Circular Quay to Shark Island and back. Pack a picnic and join in on the festivities.


10. Whatever you do, make sure you get down to the Habour by night fall (an awesome viewing spot is the Cargo Bar) to watch the incredible fireworks show light up the Opera House and the iconic Sydney Bridge! Happy ‘Straya Day!



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