Keepin’ On

We’ve had a week of classes. A part of me really regrets switching into the Australian literature class because the Art and Architecture class would have been such an easy way to fulfill the VP requirement. On the other hand, I’m so excited to be taking an English class again – I’ve really missed them and every semester have looked into taking one at Chapel Hill. My teacher for that class, Sharon, is wonderful. She’s a bit long-winded and goes off on tangents but all-in-all engaging, interesting, and is interested in us on a personal level. I think literature offers pretty excellent insight into culture so this should be a really great and different way to immerse myself in the Aussie lifestyle. My other class, the History of Australia class, is god awful. The teacher doesn’t care about teaching and it’s SO BORING. On the bright side, it’s pass/fail and the entire program (120+ students) has to take it so showing up isn’t exactlyyyy a requirement.

Life since my last post has been slightly less exciting but I keep reminding myself that I’ve only been here for a week and change and that adventures are coming. Last Sunday, we completed the Bondi to Coogee walk which was absolutely breathtaking. It was the first time I had really gotten the chance to see the huge expanse of Pacific ocean juxtaposed next to jagged sandstone that is so Australia. There is so much ocean. I know that sounds less than intelligent but it is just the most massive thing I’ve ever seen. The water here is so powerful too…we couldn’t swim at Manly when we went and they were kicking us out of the water at Bondi on Australia Day. It’s just so beautiful and overwhelming in the sense that it reminds you just how small you are in the best possible way.

We got somewhat lost on the way back to BUSAC but got it all sorted out and finally spent the first night in in weeks. I met up with Alistair who showed us a cheap and delicious dumpling shop nearby that we’ve continued to frequent since. it was so good to catch up with him and he gave us his version of the things to do in Sydney. We met up with him again this past Friday for Media Night at Hugo’s bar which is an all you can drink event for people working in the media. The catch is you just have to SAY you’re working in the media and as long as you know about the event you’re good to go. Alistair told us to dress up as we would for a “casual friday” at work. He was SO WRONG. We showed up and every single girl in attendance looked like a celebrity so now we know. Either way, we made it in time for a couple of free drinks and the night ended up being a blast.

That same night I met a guy who invited us to his house party for Australia Day. We had heard that house parties were the way to go as far as Australia Day is concerned and were pretty excited because this one apparently came equipped with the self proclaimed world’s largest slip-n-slide. Once Australia Day actually rolled around, Bennett and I decided against it out of caution. He was just a guy I had met at a bar, a friend of a friend of a friend, and we were going to go to his house in a part of Sydney we weren’t exactly familiar with. Our Australia Day ended up being nice – we went to the beach which was relatively empty, hung out and day drank all day long, and went to the Cargo Bar to watch fireworks on the harbour at night. Even so I think we all agree that we should have YOLO’d it and gone – I trust my judgment and I think we would have been just fine. Either way, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be in Australia for Australia Day and to spend it with such good people. The fireworks were so so beautiful and the aftermath was reminiscent of a mini northern lights. All in all it’s an experience I’ll never forget.


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