Catching Waves and Star Gazing

I’m pretty sure this weekend has been my favorite so far. I think that’s really saying something considering all of us here would agree that most of our nights could rival one another for the number one spot so far.

We left friday evening for Surf Camp. A bus picked us up in true Aussie fashion – at a bar – and drove us the two hours out to the Seven Mile Beach. We met Gina, a gorgeous 17 year old Argentinean girl who has traveled the whole world and came by herself, got orientated and settled into our rooms. Then we took a walk down to the beach with some of the other people we’d be with for the next two days and were completely taken aback by what we encountered. There were stars. So many stars. I could see the Milky Way and Orion’s Belt and maybe Jupiter while the ocean was crashing around my feet. It was all just perfect, kind of like magic. I’ve always dreamed of stars like that,  you know? The kind of stars you have to lay down to really see. And they were beautiful.

We were up bright and early (6:45….) on Saturday for breakfast and our first surf lesson. It was all good fun even if I struggled a bit to get up that first session. The instructors were absolutely hilarious, genuinely cared about teaching and served as some prettttty nice eye candy. The beach itself was almost as beautiful by daytime as it was by night. We went straight back to the beach again after lunch for round two and I found that this time, was a lot easier to catch waves. Surfing is such a cool feeling – I don’t even know how to do describe it – and all I was doing was catching the broken waves into shore….I can’t even imagine what it must be like to really go for it. It’s actually pretty zen…you really just think about exactly what you’re doing, step by step, in the most beautiful place you can possibly be. Hopefully, I’ll get to practice it throughout the rest of my time in Oz.

We had some ciders over dinner, watched the video of the day and got ready to go out. We had so much fun hanging out at the camp and then eventually ventured to the town’s only pub where they had a wonderfully awful cover band and were hosting an 80th birthday party. I immediately thought the party was on the weird side but once I started hanging out with some guys from Switzerland, I felt right at home. It takes a couple of beers to get me started but I absolutely love that I can converse in Italian. The language is so beautiful and I was so happy that I could make these new European friends. About an hour in, we all started  being as silly as you can possibly be, dancing the night away to ‘Celebrate’ and ‘I Want to Dance With Somebody,’ starting a conga line and loving each others company. That’s probably my favorite part of traveling. Here we were, from America, Australia, Argentina, Venezuela and Switzerland and we were all exactly on the same page, laughing and dancing and having the time of our lives. We all went back to the beach for another look at the stars when the band took a break and they once again immediately took my breath away. A sky that beautiful makes you wonder, makes you dream. Exhausted, we straggled back all sandy to bed.

We woke up on time, but barely. And it wasn’t pretty. Not only were we hungover but talk about sore…it hurt to shrug and as soon as we got to the beach they started to teach us how to paddle out to sea and i was like well. huh. I got up and surfed a few waves in before calling it quits for the day only to find Jess and B already on shore. The rest of the day was beautiful – the weather couldn’t have been better all weekend – and we made it home just fine. I don’t think I expected to actually even stand on my board or enjoy surfing as much as I did, let alone have as much fun as I did but hey, I couldn’t have asked for more.



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