Spring Breaaaaaak

I feel like the most accomplished person in the world. It’s not true obviously but I’m on such an I’m-on-top-of-the-world high. So today, I finished both of my final papers, got an A on the last paper I handed in, bought flights for a weekend trip in Tasmania and found out that I only have to pay $70 dollars for my entire spring break trip to Cains (Great Barrier Reef scuba dive included), Mission Beach and the Whitsunday Islands…

Yup. Only $70. WHAT. I’m not sure if I mentioned it earlier but soon after I arrived here, I got a job with Backpackers World Travel/Student Universe Travel – a travel agency with hubs throughout Australia that books trips for backpackers, students and other travelers. It was pure luck. I read that someone had worked there on one of my To-Do-In-Australia guides that a friend had made for me and e-mailed the company back in December. They got back to me and asked me to come in for a quick interview the week after I got here. While my schedule wouldn’t allow for me to work any real part-time job, they asked if I could basically promote their agency to the BU crew. I’d get a kickback from all the trips and compensated for any hours I spent in the office. I was stoked for the opportunity but most people at that point had already booked the bulk of their trips and so I didn’t expect much. Either way, I was so beyond grateful to be adopted by such an incredible community. They’re all so sweet and energetic and literally shower me with compliments that I definitely don’t deserve every single time I walk into the store. They keep asking me out for drinks on the house and are always available when I need travel advice – plus my friends and I would be getting discounts on all of our trips. Not a bad gig, eh?

I haven’t been able to work in office much since I’ve been so busy but whenever I have, I’ve had so much fun and haven’t been able to stop laughing. PLUS they offered me a permanent position if I can make it back on a holiday visa…so I just like have a job chilling for me here for in Sydney (or elsewhere in Aus, NZ)  if I want to live here for a year. Casual.

BUT LONG STORY SHORT I MADE ENOUGH TO PAY FOR MY WHOLE SPRING BREAK TRIP! Thank the lord because I was about to be a dirt poor little Paige despite all the hours I put in at MCL and as an IHOP slave. And nowww its T-2 days until I am scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Life ain’t so bad. Stay tuned for spring break adventures to come!

…Also…Carolina beat State by 1 point with 4 seconds left in over time. GO HEELS!


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