Goodbyes and Hellos

My time on exchange in Oz is sadly coming to a close and it’s so bittersweet.

This semester has flown. Confession: I cried a little on my JFK – LAX flight because I was scared of starting this adventure. Then I blinked. I opened my eyes and found that I have a new family, I’ve traveled all over Australia, I write the date in dd/mm/yyyy format, my hair is lighter from all the Aussie sunshine, I spell organization, program, center and color like organisation, programme, centre and colour, I’ve completed an internship, I tell people that I’m ‘from the states’ …or I lie and say I’m from Canada, I passed three classes, I’ve spent four months away from home, celebrated countless 21st birthdays, made friends from all over the world and explored as many nooks and crannies of Sydney as I could. I’ve learned so much more about people, different cultures and myself than I could have predicted and I’ve had one hell of a good time. And now it’s time to go and I don’t know that I’m done taking advantage of all that Australia has to offer. A piece of me  will always be here in Sydney but I’m so grateful for the time I’ve had here and the people I’ve met and I’m ready to look forward. Luckily, I still have some awesome travels ahead of me.

Now, it’s time to bring on a road trip through the South Island of New Zealand and a few days flyin’ solo in Byron Bay before heading back stateside!



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