An absolutely wonderful and inspiring post by one of my closest friends who’s getting ready to embark on her next journey, 27 months in Mozambique serving in the Peace Corps

Be Free.

Wanderlust (noun): a strong desire to travel or explore the world.

Wanderlust is quite the catch phrase these days. It is thrown around a lot, but what is it about travel that gets into the blood, flows through our body, and ignites this craving for adventure?

Yesterday I went down to Boulder and caught up with some friends from high school. We started exchanging stories from the past year we’d spent apart. During this time alone, we had all been to various corners of the United States and the globe – from Boulder, Chicago, and North Carolina to New Zealand, Guatemala, and Thailand.

And here we were, all gathered together again. It felt as if no time had passed, yet we brought to the table these life changing experiences from our travels, studies, and work all around the world.

Friendship is a beautiful thing. At one point I just looked…

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