Carolina In My Mind

I love this school.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has seen my prettiest and my ugliest days and I mean that physically, emotionally, mentally, and every other -lly there is. With that being said, there has never been a day that I regretted my decision or wanted to be anywhere other than exactly where I am.

It is because of the hard days that anxiety usually fills me from the depths of my belly and up each August right before move-in. This year was no different. My last UNC semester was perhaps my favorite so far and this appeased some of the butterflies, but not all of them. Returning from a semester abroad and a New York summer would make this time around a bit of a shock, or so I thought. I was ecstatic to find that I’ve returned feeling more comfortable than ever before. Chapel Hill this year is truly home.


This school is special. There’s a reason everyone calls it a little slice of heaven. Every single day, Chapel Hill inspires and uplifts me and the students restore my faith in my generation and humanity as a whole again and again.

This campus itself is a pick-me-up. It’s charm and beauty leave little room for anything but peace and happiness. It’s beautiful when it rains, when it snows, on the days where the sky brightly shines Carolina blue. Its beauty is important because it reminds you to slow down while you’re racing to class, that the world is a beautiful place after you blew your presentation, and that you are small but connected to the universe around you even when it feels like maybe things are crumbling. It inspires us to think creatively and to think big. Knowing we belong on a campus this beautiful is an honor, and makes each and every Tar Heel quite literally swell up with pride and gratitude.


Gratitude. The real reason I chose UNC. Not to knock UVA, but whenever anyone asked me the reason I chose UNC instead I tell them that when I visited UVA, the students acted as if the school was lucky to have them. When I visited UNC however, every person I met wholeheartedly believed that they were lucky to be there. This sentiment is one that hash’t changed. Every student on this campus feels blessed to be here and is proud to wear their colors.

The students themselves are amazing. Absolutely amazin32342_10151633252824874_1162332229_ng. The way students speak, the things that they study, the sheer amount of things they juggle stuns me. I am in awe of my peers every single day, and so proud to be among them. There is so much diversity at UNC and for the most part, everyone is extraordinarily accepting of each other. People are kind down here, a trait that may be attributed to the fact that there is such a high percentage of southern students, but hey, Chapel Hill brings out the best and kindest in me too. Students stop in their tracks to not only help other students figure out where they’re going, but to walk them there. I know a variety of students who have started their own nonprofit organizations who never want to pursue a career in the nonprofit world. Every single student is invested in different causes and is passionate. So so passionate. And, they have the capacity to change the world. You can tell by the conversations, even the drunk ones at bars, the interactions and the products of the variety of campus organizations. People want to give back here; it’s part of the Carolina Way. My peers inspire me to be the best version of myself that I can be every single day – what more can I ask out of a University?


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