Thank You Notes

Gratitude is a cool thing. There’s a lot of stuff that goes into being happy but in my opinion, a huge part of it is simply being aware of and thankful for all that you do have. Remembering and practicing gratitude helps people keep their heads up high. If you can remember gratitude every day, you start to realize just how much you have. I love that even though I’m taught to integrate this into my daily life, we have one day set aside to celebrate the incredible thing that gratitude is. Here’s just a few things I want to thank the universe for – little things and big things that shape who I am every day.

Thank you first and always for my incredible, wonderful family. They really, really rock. There aren’t enough words to describe what they mean to me but I’m so happy to have people that I’m over-the-moon-glad to go home to every single time.

Thank you for helping my sister to find her niche. She, as she should be, is still finding her way, but she’s going to change the world and save the environment and when she talks about what she’s doing, her whole face lights up with excitement. Watching that makes me feel like the happiest person in the world.

Thank you for my incredible, incredible friends. Thank you for giving me people who are my entire support system when I think I’m falling to pieces. Thank you for giving me people that answer the phone when I call at 5 am, for people who inspire me to achieve my own greatness through support and encouragement but also through their own goals and actions, for people who have seen me at my very worst and helped me through it all the way to laughing about it three years later. Thank you for Sunday night dinner rituals, for 1 a.m. discussions over bud lights about that one time in 8th grade, for long road trips, for being included, remembered and cared for. Thank you for all of the times that it felt like time hadn’t passed when reuniting with friends. Thank you for college friends and for high school friends. All I can ask for is that I keep my college friends just as close as my high school friends have stayed. I owe them all just about everything I am and I am so unbelievably lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.

Thank you for UNC. There, I have learned and grown. UNC has given me the space to create an outline of the person I want to become, and over the last three years has given me all the tools I need to fill it in with color. My college experience has been a wonderful ride. Thank you for giving me a place to fill my mind with new thoughts, perspectives and ideas.

Thank you for all of the people who have been so supportive of me as I study for my LSAT. It means the world every time someone tells me they’re proud of me.

Thank you for my travels, which have been just as educational, mind opening and life changing as school has been.

Thank you for my yoga practice, which has been a game changer. Thank you for books, sun light, the ocean, for music and writing and art, for delicious food, craft beer and wine. Thank you for hope, for the abundance of opportunities I have received, for faith and for good health. Life rocks y’all, and I’m grateful to be living it.


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