Make it Fun

Loving this post!! There’s always a way to find a little fun in everything you do.

Move Over, Meryl

…Said instructor Casey to a group of drenched, sweat-covered bodies in my hot yoga class last week. At first, I dismissed the command, blowing it off as “such a Yogi thing to say,” on par with “Breathe into it” and “Find your center.”

But as I thought harder on it, something in this weird little phrase poked at me a bit. Lying on my back, rolling around in Happy Baby, I thought, “Am I making this fun? Really fun and alive?” I started rolling around more freely, taking in other people in the room and laughing quietly to myself. Looking back, I was probably making other practitioners very nervous. But hey, I was having fun!

As we eeeeeeeaased into Child’s Pose, I thought to myself, “How can I make everything in my life like this? How can I make everything fun?” After all, wouldn’t that be great?

I know, I know…

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