Guest Post: The Joy of Solo Travel

Unexpected Wanderlust

This guest post was originally published by Vibhav Bisht on the absolutely amazing blog, SlowRover.

Make sure you check them out for a collection of awesome travel stories! If you like what you see, make sure you follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

© Copyright for all the images owned by SlowRover and Vibhav Bisht. 


The spirit of travel cannot be isolated from human beings. We’ve been hunter-gatherers ever since the dawn of our civilization. But alas, our eagerness to explore new territories, to witness unforeseen sights, and to learn about new cultures has fizzled out overtime.
Our society has (d)evolved into a crowd of weekend cavalcades who rarely explore beyond the set boundaries.


This is my attempt to remind you of an old (yet new) way to see the world—–Solo Travel.

Solo Travel is the best way to travel. The…

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