Looking Forward

There is so much to look forward to.

My time at McKinney has come to a close and I walked out of the office on Thursday torn. I am proud of myself – for deciding in August that I wanted to pursue advertising and making my way into such a fantastic agency a semester later, to receiving expressions of confidence in my capabilities from all of my superiors, to setting aside catch up dates with Laura and my coworkers over the next few weeks because saying goodbye for good just felt wrong. I’m so grateful – for being accepted into the McKinney family, for all of the windows of opportunity that have opened because of it, for the unbelievably creative, talented and intelligent people I have had the fortune of conversing with and for all of the advice and guidance given to me throughout my time there. I am sad – because I’m not sure when I’ll see these people or the beautiful tobacco campus again and because I honestly and genuinely loved every second of my time there.

Advertising. Who would have thought? A year ago definitely not me, but I think that sometimes beauty develops in unexpected ways and there’s a certain thrill to watching things fall into place of their own accord. The buzzing energy, wild creativity, constant movement and eagerness to take crazy never-before-thought-of ideas and make them real are intoxicating. For the first time in a long time, I am excited about the career part of my future and it feels really good.

Starting June 1st, I will embark on a new adventure with an account management internship at Grey in NYC and I am pumped. It was my top choice, I’ll get to enjoy a New York summer and I know I’ll be learning so much. I’m looking forward to it but there’s a lot to process in the mean time. School is coming to a close. Things are ending, and ending fast, but I’ve got a lot of plans over the next few weeks and an incredible road trip to make the most of. Now more than ever, that New Years resolution to remain present and soak it in as it comes is key and I know it’s going to be exhilarating.


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