Road Trip Part 1: Hell Bent on Texas

Our trip has only just begun and here I am, writing this post from halfway across the country.

The plan is ambitious: New York to San Francisco, via the southern route.17 days across 13 states, stops in 4 cities and 6 national parks with my best friend. I couldn’t be more excited.

We covered New York to Nashville and Nashville to Austin in our very first two days. We’re warriors, I know. Covering 1,800 miles across 7 states in 30 hours stopping only to sleep and eat honestly wasn’t as bad as it sounds. We took 78 to 81 down south rather than the usual I-95 which was the right choice, even if it meant adding a couple of hours to the trip. Driving through the smoky mountains was lovely and serene and revved up my sense of adventure, inundating my senses with the thrill of completely immersing myself in the natural wonder that this country so generously offers.

We rolled into Nashville completely delerious  – 16 hours in a car will do weird things to you – and got up in the morning to do it all over again. The trip to Austin was painless in comparison as day 1 had broken us in and the drive was easy with the exception of a quick storm in Arkansas. It was made even better by a spontaneous dinner stop at Two Amigos Taqueria, a tiny little taco shop in middle-of-nowhere-Texas that filled us up with the best Mexican food I’ve ever eaten. In the moment, it was pure bliss.


I’m so happy to be traveling again, and to be traveling with Alex. It’s total freedom – there is nothing holding us back and no one holding us to anything. Our responsibilities include caring for the car, caring for each other, staying safe and making it to SF by May 30. Otherwise, we can do anything. The constant road, the changing scenery, the endless sky – it’s intoxicating and exciting and with Austin at my fingertips, I can barely keep myself from breaking into a run to set off and explore. With the country halfway covered, our adventure is only beginning and the Wild West is so close I can feel it.


2 thoughts on “Road Trip Part 1: Hell Bent on Texas

  1. Have lots of fun! Stay safe! I am looking forward to reading about all of your adventures.

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