Sea to Shining Sea

Lazily, we meandered across the Santa Monica sand – tired still from semi-sleepless nights camped out and senses weathered by constant newness. The sound of waves crashing to shore set the countdown ticking. Anticipation tingled in the depths of my stomach but not until my eyes captured the limitless, powerful and ever-deep-blue mighty Pacific did I break into seaward bound sprint, impatiently unable to wait for the salt water to splash up over my legs, for the sweetness of coast to coast success to wash over my soul. I was euphoric and I was proud.

IMG_8115The trip was simply incredible. It was challenging, far from luxurious and it was different from anything I had ever done but it was gratifying beyond description. Our road trip was pure freedom that left us with complete fulfillment. Flying home from San Francisco, we felt truly accomplished.

Everywhere was astounding. I swore to God and back that each new place was the most beautiful I had seen, only to be morally conflicted when retracting that statement in favor of the beauty cast by the next wonder. Arches National Park could have been interchanged for Mars, Bryce Canyon gave us the opportunity to feel shrunken inside the universe’s most fantastical drippy sand castle and Zion National Park transported us to the most unbelievable Land Before Time you might imagine. The states of New Mexico, Utah and Colorado were amorphous as the landscape seamlessly transformed form flowing red rock to flat, lifeless desert to lush, lively woodland and back again. We genuinely understood that there simply could not have been another name for The Grand Canyon, stood in awe of the fluidly graceful Antelope Canyon and wordlessly absorbed the beauty emanating form the outstanding grandeur of Horseshoe Bend.

LA was a great time with great people and great weather, the PCH, Big Sur and the Redwood Forest were the most miraculous combination of the best that land and sea can offer in tandem, Yosemite and the Sequoias left us humbled by the sheer power and magnitude of the creation that surrounds us and San Francisco was a funky transition back to New York City living with an adrenaline-surged Golden Gate adventure. It was a hell of a trip.

We spent 18 days covering 6,000 American miles. We spent 18 days covering the land that the pioneers labored across, that Native Americans worshiped, on which battles were fought and that is America’s character. We drove through old oil towns, old coal towns, small cities, big cities, stretches that seemed as if we might have been the only people to ever have traversed it and stretches of traffic coated highways crowded with others never considering the thousands surrounding them. America is enormous, America is diverse, America is stunning and strange, rugged and gentile and from sea to shining sea it truly leaves you speechless. I am so grateful for what was an adventure of a lifetime and even more so, to have had such a an incredible person at my side. To share something so magnificent with my best friend is a gift I will cherish for the rest of my life.



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