Acadia National Park, Maine

I lay curved in the swaying hammock with one leg draped lazily over the side, listening to the birds and staring up into the deep green of the pines that tower over and graciously hold my weight. My mind is empty, free of thought. I don’t notice my bliss until Dayna emerges through the woods to my right, crunching on fallen twigs. Happy and smiling to myself, I join she and Kyle in getting ready for our next Maine adventure.

It was a great trip. We made the drive up on Tuesday, set up camp and ventured into Bar Harbor for my and Day’s first ever lobster rolls. When in Maine, right? Bar Harbor is idyllic. Taverns, ice cream shops, touristy stores, restaurants and cafes line the quaint streets that sit high, looking over the island-and-boat-dotted harbor that stretches far into the horizon. Bar Harbor feels the way you would imagine a New England summer should feel. Happy and carefree, every  moment is savored because summer here is fleeting.

We awoke early on Wednesday, eager to catch America’s first glimpse of sunshine at the peak of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. We awaited the star’s debut with many others, all there in sleepy anticipation of the same performance. A clear day and an ocean view, the sunrise truly was fantastic.

The rest was just as amazing. We hiked around for 10 miles later on Wednesday, summitting the Beehive Mountain and others nearby. On Thursday, we completed the challenging and thrilling Precipice Trail which kept us absorbed fully in the moment, concentrating only on where to next place our hands and feet for fear of missing the ledge. Each hike offered jaw dropping views of dramatic rock formations and the many islands that decorate the ocean surrounding Acadia. Exhilarated and exhausted, we made our way back to our campsite or town to figure what to do about well-deserved dinners and drinks. Late on Wednesday night, we ventured down the Ocean Foot Path near our campsite to the sea where we lay to stargaze, feeling small and happy, absorbed in the present and connected within the world.

Campfires, s’mores, bananagrams, perfect weather, fresh popovers with jam, amazing food, blueberry beer, pumpkin beer, flannels, fresh air, great music, mountains and sea, a star drenched sky, sunrises, sunsets, and a beachside town – what else could I have wanted? On top of it all, Dayna and Kyle were awesome camping buddies – positive and carefree, fun and excited, easy going and easy to laugh – the good vibes just kept on coming. This week was everything that I needed. it was rejuvenating and energizing, wiping clean the anxieties, worries and stress built up from city dwelling and career seeking. To be outside among good company, to be naturally connected and technologically disconnected, to feel free and in touch with the way life should be was to be happy and to sleep easy again come nightfall. I’m so glad that we made the trip this year, as it was exactly the medicine I needed and will always be a trip I happily remember.


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