Looking Back, 2015

I have so much to be grateful for.

What a year 2015 has been. It feels like not so long ago I was home, recuperating from an especially grueling finals season (LSAT included), watching 2014 come to close and unsure of the colors that would unfold with 2015 insistently budding. I wondered what all the last-time-that..’s would feel like and couldn’t conceive what shape my life would take after graduation. Much like the end of 2013 (with an Australian adventure on the near horizon) the close of 2014 meant balancing on the brink of change.

The year wholly exceeded every expectation. I graduated with beautiful friends at my side, a degree to be proud of and memories I hold so dearly that sometimes, it hurts. I completed internships at two incredible advertising agencies and learned far more than I could have predicted. I have been blessed with countless mentors, some of whom I still don’t know how or why I deserve but am thankful for every time I consider the choices I have made under their thoughtful influence. I traveled to three countries with some of my favorite people. I road tripped cross country with my best friend and explored Maine with newer friends, that have become a huge and integral part of my life. Most of my closest friends moved to New York or are still in the area, and live close enough to catch up over dinner. I’ve met so many new people between my time in Chapel Hill and my move back home. I moved back to New York. I got my first full time job that is everything I want from a job, within a company I adore. My parents and little sister are all in great places in their lives, and I am fully confident that Mel will go on to do bigger things than the impressive work she’s already embarked on. I’ve maintained my yoga practice and have begun new practices like Spanish and Muay Thai, and am starting to get involved with a nonprofit I’m passionate about.

There were their downs – there always are – and for those I am grateful as well. Even so, remembering brings the past to life, gives it power and creates energy that shapes the present moment. Therefore, I am focusing on all the good that plentifully abounded and abounds, and thanking the universe because I am so lucky. With that, I am happily stepping forward into a 2016 that feels full of possibility.




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