GOOD Corps: A quick take on why I’m proud of who we are

I work for a company that changes and continuously seeks to change the world. I am so lucky. Matt, a north star during my career search, connected me to Max Schorr – one of the founding members of GOOD Worldwide. GOOD has two branches that often blend and work together: GOOD Magazine and GOOD Corps, a social impact … More GOOD Corps: A quick take on why I’m proud of who we are

Do It For The Love

They say music has the power to heal wounds. That idea is the driving force behind Michael Franti’s non-profit wish granting foundation, Do It For The Love, which grants people with terminal illnesses, children facing severe challenges, and wounded veterans the unique chance to have one-on-one experiences with their favorite artists at live concerts. Their mission to inspire … More Do It For The Love


Stories are heavy. Each stream of words strung together carries with it the baggage of culture, purpose and humanity. Stories are proof that we exist. Dave Isay, the founder of StoryCorps, is on a mission to empower our society through listening and story telling. He began his mission by inviting busy people rushing through Grand Central Station to enter a … More StoryCorps

Project Picture Day

I used to dread school pictures. In my tiny, elementary school mind they were but a necessary evil, a drudgery to expect once a year, a disruption well received exclusively because it extracted us from the monstrosity that is long division. We primped and prepped. Mom picked out an outfit that would never lend itself to … More Project Picture Day