Byron Bay

I had a lovely time in Byron Bay. It’s a small town with a distinctive beach side feel – shoes are nonessential, everything’s just a little bit sandy, shops sell souvenirs, bathing suits and sun hats despite the impending winter, the water is dotted with surfers by 6 am and everyone’s hair and skin is … More Byron Bay

Roadtrippin’ Tassie

Contrary to popular Australian opinion, I loved Tasmania. Tell any Sydneysider you’re spending the weekend in Tassie and they’ll respond with things like ‘Everything’s backwards down there!’ ‘Why?! It’s cold!’ ‘It’s full of bogans!’ etc., etc. No one ever even recommends it. Prior to arriving in Oz, I’d received at least four different lists of things … More Roadtrippin’ Tassie


So we’re all just chilling, living our lives. We wake up, groggily grumble a hello to our roommates, drink a cup of coffee so we can function and get our booties to class or work or wherever we may have to go. We work, we learn, we play and party, we talk to one another … More Perspectives

Intern Life – Week 1

I’ve just completed my first week interning with Australia for the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission on the Status of Refugees) and I’m so excited for what’s to come. Australia for the UNHCR is an Australian agency that supports the UNHCR through fundraising. As the Leadership Giving Intern, I’m responsible for assisting the Leadership Giving … More Intern Life – Week 1

Spring Breaaaaaak

I feel like the most accomplished person in the world. It’s not true obviously but I’m on such an I’m-on-top-of-the-world high. So today, I finished both of my final papers, got an A on the last paper I handed in, bought flights for a weekend trip in Tasmania and found out that I only have … More Spring Breaaaaaak

No Worries Mate!

There are so many things to fall in love with when it comes to Australia. The landscape is stunning, the weather is beautiful, the people are heaps of fun, ocean is everywhere, food is diverse and delicious and there are always things to do. I love Australia for all of these reasons but I’ve fallen … More No Worries Mate!


4 days in Melbourne was not nearly enough. Not even close. Melbourne is alive – you can feel its pulse and you can feel it move, feel it breathe. It’s modern and funky and weird. Lines between architecture and art are blurred – modern abstract structures are juxtaposed with old classical buildings, you can find … More Melbourne