The Long Road

In reflecting on International Women’s Day, I’d like to recount three experiences. Two are my own, and the third is a story told by a fellow PCV. I do not intend to make any comparison in juxtaposing my experiences with his story – I only intend to tell the stories I have permission to tell … More The Long Road

GOOD Corps: A quick take on why I’m proud of who we are

I work for a company that changes and continuously seeks to change the world. I am so lucky. Matt, a north star during my career search, connected me to Max Schorr – one of the founding members of GOOD Worldwide. GOOD has two branches that often blend and work together: GOOD Magazine and GOOD Corps, a social impact … More GOOD Corps: A quick take on why I’m proud of who we are

Learnings & Musings

“Every great movement for social change has been animated by people who did inner work…to constellate, consolidate, and give trajectory to their human heart…because those were the only things they had, everything else had been taken away…..” Hannah, a lovely colleague of mine, sent this short podcast around GOOD. In it, author, educator and activist Parker Palmer explores the power that looking … More Learnings & Musings

Looking Back, 2015

I have so much to be grateful for. What a year 2015 has been. It feels like not so long ago I was home, recuperating from an especially grueling finals season (LSAT included), watching 2014 come to close and unsure of the colors that would unfold with 2015 insistently budding. I wondered what all the last-time-that..’s would feel like and couldn’t conceive what … More Looking Back, 2015

Tar Heel Bred

We did it. I did it. Twenty years of formal education, four years of college, a blink of an eye, and all of a sudden I found myself proudly turning my white and Carolina blue tassel toward the left of my cap which, joined with those of my friends all around me, filled grey Kenan … More Tar Heel Bred

Looking Forward

There is so much to look forward to. My time at McKinney has come to a close and I walked out of the office on Thursday torn. I am proud of myself – for deciding in August that I wanted to pursue advertising and making my way into such a fantastic agency a semester later, … More Looking Forward

Get it Out

I recently dove into a fantastic conversation with one of the many Alex’s in my life about a blog post she wrote. Her writing moved me. It explored the idea of pushing boundaries and launching herself outside of comfort zones, despite the anxiety, panic and unraveling often induced by taking flight. She talked of her adventures into newness and the unknown. … More Get it Out