Moving with Change

“The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts These past 6 or so months have been a constant series of dramatic changes, of constant movement. Waves of anticipation, climax, and descent accompany each set of new and in the Peace … More Moving with Change

Pouco a Pouco

It’s 5am and the possibility of sinking back into slumber is inconceivable as the overeager chorus of roosters crowing from the tree just outside my window begs me to join them in starting their day. Dogs chatter and howl to distant friends, lashing out from time to time in defense of their precious territory. Women … More Pouco a Pouco

Taking Flight

I sit at a bar, good ol’ American Bud Light in my hand, surrounded by just about all 65 of my brand new friends. There’s chatter all around me and I hear snippets of, “…my luggage was so under the weight limit, I don’t get it,” and, “…cried like a baby,” and, “…electricity or water if you HAD to?” … More Taking Flight

Universal Support

Mentally preparing for the Peace Corps is a fascinating roller coaster. At this point, I’m my own personal case study. One morning I’m terrified. 12 hours later, I’m exhilarated. Some days I’m proud or nervous or regretful or apprehensive or intrigued or excited or prematurely sad or exhausted by the prep and most days, I’m a combination of at least … More Universal Support

Next Stop: Peace Corps Mozambique

In 6 short months, I will board a plane to Mozambique. I’ve been accepted to serve in the Peace Corps as an English Teacher. The crazy, little fifth-grade Paige that still lives inside me is nodding with proud approval, in a bossy “told-you-so” kind of way. After years of thought, deliberation and wavering levels of commitment, I’m in. I will spend … More Next Stop: Peace Corps Mozambique

GOOD Corps: A quick take on why I’m proud of who we are

I work for a company that changes and continuously seeks to change the world. I am so lucky. Matt, a north star during my career search, connected me to Max Schorr – one of the founding members of GOOD Worldwide. GOOD has two branches that often blend and work together: GOOD Magazine and GOOD Corps, a social impact … More GOOD Corps: A quick take on why I’m proud of who we are

Learnings & Musings

“Every great movement for social change has been animated by people who did inner work…to constellate, consolidate, and give trajectory to their human heart…because those were the only things they had, everything else had been taken away…..” Hannah, a lovely colleague of mine, sent this short podcast around GOOD. In it, author, educator and activist Parker Palmer explores the power that looking … More Learnings & Musings