Sea to Shining Sea

Lazily, we meandered across the Santa Monica sand – tired still from semi-sleepless nights camped out and senses weathered by constant newness. The sound of waves crashing to shore set the countdown ticking. Anticipation tingled in the depths of my stomach but not until my eyes captured the limitless, powerful and ever-deep-blue mighty Pacific did I break into seaward bound sprint, impatiently unable to … More Sea to Shining Sea

South to Southwest 

I love Austin. It is nonchalantly unique. Quirky but cool, funky but laid back – Austin is a bright, shiny city that is unobtrusively homey. Austin is a place where everyone, from the businessman in slacks to the mustachioed/man bun-ed hipster can find their place and happily co-exist. In Austin, come and go as you … More South to Southwest 

Asheville, NC

My trip to Asheville has been a long time coming. Four years to be exact. It’s always held a spot on my North Carolina bucket list and with school coming to a close so soon, it was about time. Everyone said that I’d absolutely love it, that it was my kind of place. The hippy in … More Asheville, NC


“LET’S GO HEEEEEEEEEEEELS!!!!” I scream at the top of my lungs as I watch those beautiful Carolina blue clad boys pour their hearts and souls out onto the court. But I can’t hear myself. I’m loud, there’s no getting around it – I’ve gotten in trouble for the Italian and Croatian in me all my life … More Heels

Bonnaroo Bound

“Got any glass bottles?” the security guard, a tan, skinny guy who wore an old bandanna over his long dreads and looked like he could use a shower asked. “Nope.” “Got any crystal meth?” A resounding chorus of laughter. “Ehh…maybe. No, no. No crystal meth, we promise.” He laughed with us, affectionately tapped the side … More Bonnaroo Bound

Carolina In My Mind

I love this school. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has seen my prettiest and my ugliest days and I mean that physically, emotionally, mentally, and every other -lly there is. With that being said, there has never been a day that I regretted my decision or wanted to be anywhere other than … More Carolina In My Mind

Being Here, Version NY

It’s July 1st. I’m for real back in America. There’s no getting around it anymore, there’s no more debating over going to Bondi for post-beach drinks or going to the Golden Sheaf on Wednesdays, there’s no more pretending I’m going hiking in the Fjiordland of New Zealand in a few days, there’s no more listening for … More Being Here, Version NY